ASAP Rez web reservation system

Manage rental reservations like you have always wanted to and easier to use than ever!

ASAP REZ the on-line vehicle reservation management tool will improve your business productivity and support your growth.

With it's complete interface to ASAP Rez, you can give your customers fast and efficient service while increasing the productivity in all aspects of your business

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ASAP Rez also affords insurance companies, corporate customers, travel agencies, car dealers and repair shop a system for reserving and assigning replacement vehicles on line. Completely bridged to Asap Rent, the vehicle replacement request is instantly forwarded to rental companies of your choice through ASAP Rez intranet.

From the reservation to the contract and multiple billing, all crucial information is transferred, the ease of use is better than ever with a complete integration to ASAP Rent management software. ASAP Rent gives you the status of your vehicles so that you know where your cars, trucks an minivans are at all times.

No matter how big your fleet is, be it 15 or 1000 vehicles, ASAP Rent gives you a complete report on every vehicle the instant you want it. You will always know where they are, how many times they have been rented, what percentage of your fleet revenues they represent, what they cost you in maintenance and repairs and their net value.

The statistics and financial reports that ASAP Rent gives you will help you to better manage your vehicle rental business.

You need to check vehicle availability or the most advantageous rates?

ASAP Rent gives you a complete graphic vehicle availability schedule query.
Enter your departure and return dates and see your availabilities for each class of vehicle on your graphical chart.

The rates center lets you see all your alternatives by vehicle class as well as a cost estimate, thereby allowing your reservations agent to maximize the profit margin on each transaction.


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The reservations planner gives you a multi-colour chart with which lets you see vehicle schedules at a glance by class including reservations, open contracts, multiple invoices and work orders for them.

The Drilldown approach lets you query the graphic schedule by the hour, day and month and to make changes to adapt to a quick moving market.

Finally a management tool which is simple to use and offers all the functions you need and lets us become operational quickly."

ASAP Rent Software is committed to delivering efficiency, time savings, and cost-cutting measures directly to you; our valued partner! These features will increase your vehicle rental software performance, flexibility and potential.