Track Maintenance & Repair

ASAP Rent offers you a complete preventive maintenance management tool for your fleet and gives you all the performance you are looking for in a single ERP application easy to install and to work with.

ASAP Rent lets you monitor worry free your fleet maintenance by the unit, be it maintenance by date or by mileage – when one or the other is reached, the system automatically generates a maintenance alert when the vehicle is returned.

A scheduled maintenance report is available by date or by unit either on screen or printed and you can also get a report of completed work orders.

A status of each vehicle in maintenance or repair will show in the vehicle availibility schedule for the time frame it has been established with the service provider.

A work order can then be generated to the service provider of your choice with a description of the work to be done with cost. The graphical  sreen of available vehicles will show the work order with the date and time the unit will be available.