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Drawing on client feedback and the firm’s vast experience in the market, we invited Michel King, CEO to tell us more about the firm and its innovative solution.


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Concerning this survey :

A team of industry experts have been providing and supporting consulting services to car rental companies for over 20 years. They have worked with several car rental companies around the world and have gained real experience over the years.

Their expertise gained in the vehicle rental industry, allows them to guide you in acquiring the car rental software, whether your first experience or not.

Through their extensive knowledge they can offer offer you one of the best car rental software available on the market based on cost, features and support.

A good car rental software helps rental operators to manage their business easily and securely and will be able to assist you in your day-to-day activities and thus help you increase your profits and facilitate your operations.

Certain criterias have been defined :

  • Small to Medium Car Rental Companies to have 1 to 500 vehicles
  • Large Car Rental Companies to have more than 500 vehicles.
  • Including unlimited training and support
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ASAP Rent Software has been crowned 'Best Car Rental Software Provider 2019'

Following on from ASAP Rent Software recent nomination acceptance and our dedicated research stage, the judging panel have now made their final decisions and it brings me immense pleasure to inform you of the outcome for the 2019 Canadian Business Awards.

Now in its 3rd year, the Canadian Business Awards showcase those businesses that go above and beyond in their sector and that contribute to the growing Canadian economy.


About our Awards...

Corporate Vision is dedicated to working around the clock to shine a spotlight on the brightest, best performing and most deserving companies and individuals from around the business world.

We’re fiercely passionate about recognizing outstanding achievement, game-changing innovation and stellar performance, and all of our awards are carefully tailored to provide detailed and in-depth analysis of the very best each market, industry, sector and region has to offer.

Our winners are decided by a combination of votes gathered from our network of respected industry partners and our own rigorous in-house research, performed by our dedicated network of industry insiders and corporate specialists.

How are Winners Chosen?

We take choosing our winners very seriously and every single one is chosen on merit. As we said, we’re only interested in recognizing the very best so, no matter how big a business is, nobody can buy their way to success. 

Each award is carefully scrutinized, from a nominee's region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving firms walk away with one of our prestigious trophies.




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Since the past 20 years, ASAP Rent Software provides online car rental software to customers worldwide, including independent and franchise vehicle rental businesses managing cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and RVs.

“SLIM CD believes in functional payment programs custom-tailored to a business’ particular needs,” said Frank Haggar, Director of partner sales at SLIM CD. “We worked with ASAP Rent to create a payment solution for them that is secure, convenient, and hassle-free for both merchants and consumers.

”SLIM CD is a solution that can be integrated with POS systems and easy to install. Offering gateway-only or integrated payments, SLIM CD serves thousands of customers throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

“The vehicle rental companies stand to benefit the most from this partnership,” said Mike Wilson, Director of sales and marketing at ASAP Rent. “They can now process cards conveniently via our cloud-based POS.

Additionally, it’s a more efficient system that virtually eliminates the hassles of overdue payments and collections.”Car rental customers will now have the ability to log into the ASAP Rent portal to process payments, as well as authorize funds that will be charged when the rental trip is confirmed.


The new partnership will enable users to receive payments with ASAP Rent's cloud-based POS system.ASAP Rent car rental software provider, has partnered with SLIM CD., a payment gateway specializing in EMV payment solutions and integration.

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Manage rental reservations easier to use than ever!

ASAP REZ the on-line vehicle reservation management tool will improve your business productivity and support your growth.

With it's complete interface to ASAP Rez, you can give your customers fast and efficient service while increasing the productivity in all aspects of your business.

ASAP Rez also affords insurance companies, corporate customers, travel agencies, car dealers and repair shop a system for reserving and assigning replacement vehicles on line. Completely bridged to Asap Rent, the vehicle replacement request is instantly forwarded to rental companies of your choice through ASAP Rez intranet.

From the reservation to the contract and multiple billing, all crucial information is transferred, the ease of use is better than ever with a complete integration to ASAP Rent management software. ASAP Rent gives you the status of your vehicles so that you know where your cars, trucks an minivans are at all times.

No matter how big your fleet is, be it 15 or 1000 vehicles, ASAP Rent gives you a complete report on every vehicle the instant you want it. You will always know where they are, how many times they have been rented, what percentage of your fleet revenues they represent, what they cost you in maintenance and repairs and their net value.

The statistics and financial reports that ASAP Rent gives you will help you to better manage your vehicle rental business.

You need to check vehicle availability or the most advantageous rates?

ASAP Rent gives you a complete graphic vehicle availability schedule query.
Enter your departure and return dates and see your availabilities for each class of vehicle on your graphical chart.

The rates center lets you see all your alternatives by vehicle class as well as a cost estimate, thereby allowing your reservations agent to maximize the profit margin on each transaction.

The reservations planner gives you a multi-colour chart with which lets you see vehicle schedules at a glance by class including reservations, open contracts, multiple invoices and work orders and preventive maintenance for them.

The Drilldown approach lets you query the graphic schedule by the hour, day and month and to make changes to adapt to a quick moving market.

Finally a management tool which is simple to use and offers all the functions you need and lets us become operational quickly."

ASAP Rent Software is committed to delivering efficiency, time savings, and cost-cutting measures directly to you; our valued partner! These features will increase your vehicle rental software performance, flexibility and potential.


The ASAP Rent team always has a solution for everything and it is easy to learn and put into practice, it minimises customer waiting time at the counter while affording excellent follow-up in are multiple dealership's fleet of loaner cars. I strongly recommend ASAP Rent, their split billing for insurance purposes is just tremendous and their service is unparralleled.

Jamie Moffat, Service Manager
SouthGate Audi
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ASAP Rent, an Award-Winning software provider for the rental car industry, has been endorsed by Rent-A-Wreck Car & Truck Rentals and PractiCar Car & Truck Rentals.


ASAP Rent will be providing its cloud-based car rental management software to Practicar and Rent-A-Wreck locations in Canada.

“We feel ASAP Rent software services are a vital asset in helping our franchisees grow their business,” said Joseph Donaldson, manager, revenue & NMA for Practicar Systems Inc. “With its simple yet sophisticated interface, ASAP Rent provides a number of benefits that help pave the way for success in the rental car market. ASAP Rent is quick and simple to navigate, making it easy for customers to make online reservations helping to drive business for our franchisees.”

Rent-A-Wreck and Practicar are involved in car rental, car sales and leasing of used vehicles at 45 locations across Canada.

ASAP Rent is in the process of launching its new cloud-based software version in HTML 5, including a complete mobile suite of responsive applications, according to the company.

To speed up its development and release cycle, ASAP Rent signed a long-term agreement with a software development partner. This partnership gives ASAP Rent accessto a team of more than 55 certified software developpers.

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Congradulation to ASAP Rent Software in Recognition of

Solution Provider of the Year as Proud Finalist for 2015


CDN’s Channel Elite Awards recognizes IT Solution Providers for their innovation, leadership and commitment to creating business value for customers. CDN, Canada’s Number 1 IT channel publication and Web site invites Solution Providers across Canada to submit multiple solutions to the nine categories outlined in this year’s awards program. This awards program is open to qualified IT Solution Providers owned or operating in Canada.

For more than 15 years, Michel King, President & Founder of ASAP Rent Software has listened to the vehicle rental industry, and acted on what we’ve learned. ASAP Rent has evolved into a Most Innovative & Efficient Vehicle Rental & Fleet Management Software that is Powerful, Secure and Easy to use. Your business will benefit from serial number management, picture integration of clients and fleet inventory, integrated email and faxing, drivers license and credit card swiping, color-coded availability calendar and many more features, all within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware and your preferred browser. ASAP Rent is powerful enough to meet your multi-branch and high-transaction needs, yet easy to implement and use, and flexible enough to grow as your business expands and changes.

ASAP Rent Cloud-based Software launching their new version in HTML 5 is committed to delivering efficiency, innovation, time savings, and cost-cutting measures directly to you; our valued partner! These features will increase your vehicle rental software performance, flexibility and potential with complete mobile suites responsive application.

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“The CDN Top 100 Solution Providers.

t demonstrates the great resolve of these Canadian entrepreneurs and the true innovation being developed by this community. CDN believes it’s important to recognize this community for its outstanding work and the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers list and gala is a great outlet for that,” said Paolo Del Nibletto, Associate Publisher and Editor of Computer Dealer News (CDN), Canada’s No. 1 channel publication and IT World Canada Web site.

This annual study ranks the Top 100 Best IT Solution Providers across Canada. 
Montreal, Canada : ASAP Rent Software, a leading-edge IT software development and services provider, 'ASAP Rent', a Vehicle Cloud Rental Management System.

Designed for large, medium and small car rental, dealerships organizations and auto-leasing companies, ASAP Rent is a comprehensive web based solution developed to support all stages of car rental operations, from front counter control to back office management, thereby creating a cohesive and efficient business environment.

ASAP Rent helps car rental companies optimize their IT investments and achieve a faster ROI.


“ASAP Rent has been designed to provide quick and easy solution to the car rental businesses helping them to streamline their operations, respond quickly to the market fluctuations and grow their business faster, tangible benefits to our clients through technology.

I am very proud to receive this prestigious recognition as a Winner at the Top 100 Awards Gala on behalf of our development team who have worked hard to create great cloud computing software! Being selected as TOP 100 solution providers encourages us to strive to continue to bring tangible benefits through technology ” said M. Mike Wilson Head – International sales, ASAP Rent Software is implemented at many franchisees as Hertz, Budget, National, Europcar, Practicar and hundreds of independent car rental agencies and dealership's loaner management system with customers in more than 40 countries and 5000 users worldwide.

“The future of the car rental industry looks positive as business and leisure car rental is expected to grow mainly due to rise in travelers globally.

The competitive nature of the car rental industry makes it challenging for organizations in this domain to attract and retain customers. Technology therefore plays a crucial role in enabling them to maintain their competitive edge through superior customer service, optimized fleet cost, improved operational efficiency and rapid growth in newer geographies and segments. ASAP Rent is providing a complete vehicle rental application so as to reach out to those car rental organizations who are opting for a Cloud-based model.

Our customers testify of the quality of our software and services and the industry highlights the excellence of our software technology.

Michel King, System Architect

ASAP Rent Software

Canada & US: 1-855-430-8444 
Int’l: 450-430-8444

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ASAP Rent Celebrate 15 Years
Solution Provider of the Year, Finalist 2015

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Always seeking customer satisfaction

For more than 15 years, ASAP Rent provides the Most Efficient Cloud Based Solutions to the Rental Car Industry Worldwide.

Designed for the International Car Rental Industry and Dealerships Loaners, ASAP Rent cloud technology allows car rental managers to focus on business operations instead of IT issues including back-up, security protection and other risks.

The software also includes fleet management tools with dashboards and rental agreement management, as well as an automated rate-optimization process, which gives users the ability to create graphs and tables to present data.

“We gained our experience in major international accountant firms and have been raised in family vehicle dealerships doing all the different steps of the business process,” said Michel King, President and founder of ASAP Rent Software. “We have a great comprehension of the rental and fleet management industry needs with a great track record of success through are customers rental organizations in 40 different countrys.”

Users can access ASAP Rent new mobile applications in HTML 5 through an Internet connection from their Computer, Portable computer, iPad or Mobile device.

Our customers testify the quality of are software and services and the industry highlights the excellence of our software product:

''Best Software Solution Provider''
Proud Winner at ' The TOP 100 CDN Channel Elite Gala Awards, 2015 '

"Solution Provider of the Year"
Proud Finalist at the Canadian Channel Elite Awards, 2015

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ASAP Rent Winner at ''The TOP 100 Awards Gala''
CDN Channel Elite Awards Finalist 2015
''Solution Provider of the Year'', Proud Finalist 2015

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ASAP Rent's car inspection device streamlines the check-in /check-out inspection process
using latest mobile technology.

Used on an iPad or iPhone, the software includes an easy-to-select section intended to specify any observed damage. This add-on can enhance operational efficiency and maximize profits by cutting down on paperwork and speed-up the car rental process.

ASAP Rent series of cloud technology software allows car rental managers to focus on business operations instead of IT issues.

Just give it a free trial at : (Using ex : # 1015 for Licence and RA's ) on iPad or iPhone.


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Browser API for signature integration into ASAP Rent web application.

Design personalized form fields and sign PDF's with ASAP Signature Pad. ASAP Sig Pad is a powerful mobile cloud-based software tool that allows users to easily incorporate electronic capability by leveraging the Adobe PDF and digital signature standards together with web based technologies and ASAP Rent business forms environment as rental agreement and vehicle check-in/check-out inspection sheet.

The signature pad gives a great advantage at check-in and check-out inspection process of rental cars using most innovative mobile technology. The security, flexibility, mobility and convenience of cloud-based software is changing the way operators do business. Rental operations are becoming more efficient and providing better customer service.

Free trial available at : (using example 1015 for Plate and RA's) on iPad or iPhone.


Benefit from paperless office using most innovative mobile technology with latest HTML 5 completely integrated with ASAP Rent Award-winning software.

The security, mobility and convenience of cloud-based software is changing the way operators do business. Rental operations are becoming more efficient and providing better customer service. ''The whole idea with the mobile devices is to get the Customer on their way as quicly as possible so there not encumbered by the check-in and check-out process''. (Free trial version using 1015 as example for Plate and RA's) on iPad or iPhone.


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