Terms of use

Our Core Values

ASAP Rent Software is grounded in a set of core values that we embrace and consistently strive
to implement in our daily work.

• Act with integrity, dignity and respect
• Achieve through teamwork
• Focus on customers
• Connect globally
• Demonstrate a passion for technology
• Build the ASAP Rent Software experience

These core values serve as a compass to guide our decision-making at a company and individual level. Together, we put these values into practice to build a deeply skilled, world-class, global company. Our ongoing commitment to these values is necessary to ensure that we will operate with the highest ethical standards and achieve our vision:
To be recognized as a global services innovator, helping customers realize the best results from the ASAP Rent Software Platform.

The ASAP Rent Code of Business Ethics describes and reinforces conduct that is based on our guiding core values, consistent with our policies and practices, and essential to ASAP Rent Software legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

2. Customers and the Marketplace

ASAP Rent strives to create value for its customers. In so doing, it is essential that we conduct our business activities in a manner that is lawful and fair, with the highest level of integrity, to our employees, our customers, other stakeholders, and our communities.

Customer Value Creation 

ASAP Rent Software commits to provide quality service to its customers. ASAP Rent Software collaborates with its customers to shape opportunities that are value-driven. ASAP Rent places its customers interests first, and provides excellence in delivery.

Competition and Fair Dealing

ASAP Rent abides by all laws and regulations that promote fair and open competition among companies. In no case will  ASAP Rent engage in activity that has the effect of restraining competition, such as agreements to fix prices. While ASAP Rent personnel are encouraged to compete vigorously in the marketplace, each person must conduct our business affairs in a fair and lawful manner. ASAP Rent and its employees must avoid all forms of deceptive conduct or unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation of material fact or otherwise.

Treatment of Competitors

ASAP Rent will always compete aggressively, but will treat its competitors fairly. ASAP Rent will market its services and solutions on their merits and will not disparage its competitors or provide misleading information about them. While gathering information about ASAP Rent competitors is a legitimate business activity when done lawfully and ethically, it is never appropriate for ASAP Rent personnel to obtain information about a competitor through improper means. Improper means can include:
• misrepresenting one’s identity,
• inducing an employee of the competitor to divulge confidential information, or gaining 
  improper access to a competitor’s confidential information, directly or through third parties.

Protection of Customer and Third-Party Information and Intellectual Property

ASAP Rent expects all of its people to take appropriate measures to protect copyrighted or licensed information as well as any confidential or otherwise protected information of our customers and other third parties. This includes understanding and abiding by any applicable contractual restrictions ASAP Rent has agreed to follow with its customers or other third parties.
We should not discuss, disclose, copy or otherwise use any copyrighted, licensed, or confidential customer or third-party information without proper authorization from the owner, and then only as authorized and required as part of our work with ASAP Rent. ASAP Rent personnel may not use copyrighted, licensed, or confidential customer or third-party information for personal or other gain or advantage, or to advance the interests of ASAP Rent, except where specifically authorized by ASAP Rent and the affected customer or third party. It is the responsibility of each of us to take appropriate precautions to make sure unauthorized people do not have access to or use such information. In addition, our people should not use third-party copyrighted, patented, or otherwise protected materials without proper authority. Any third-party software used must be properly licensed.

Accurate Invoicing

ASAP Rent personnel are responsible for creating customer and other third-party invoices must use utmost care to prepare accurate invoices. Each and every invoice ASAP Rent issues should be based upon accurate and complete information and should be in compliance with the underlying contractual arrangements.

3. Professional Conduct

ASAP Rent personnel will conduct themselves professionally in the workplace and appropriately in their work-related activities. Professional conduct is an integral part of ASAP Rent image and business impact globally.


All ASAP Rent personnel have the right to be treated equitably and to work in an environment that is free from unlawful or unfair discrimination. To achieve this goal, ASAP Rent personnel must support and promote the principles of meritocracy. Career decisions must be driven by an individual’s talents, skills, and abilities, in addition to ASAP Rent business need ASAP Rent is committed to preserving and enhancing diversity within the organization.

Prior Employment Obligations

ASAP Rent respects the continuing obligations that new and prospective ASAP Rent personnel may owe to a prior employer, including restrictions on use or disclosure of confidential information ASAP Rent expects its people to uphold their valid and enforceable obligations to their prior employers, such as restrictions on confidential and proprietary information or soliciting customers or employees of their former employer, and to notify ASAP Rent immediately if they believe any job activity may conflict with such obligations. ASAP Rent requires that all incoming employees resolve any impediments to their employment with ASAP Rent before accepting an offer of employment with ASAP Rent.

Data Privacy

ASAP Rent is committed to respecting and protecting the legitimate interests of its people and of third parties in the privacy of their personal data. Many countries in which ASAP Rent operates have specific laws and regulations dealing with the treatment of personal data. The European Union, in particular, has enacted very complex and detailed data privacy laws. All ASAP Rent personnel are expected to follow these laws and regulations, as well as ASAP Rent Software. 

Data Privacy Policy. Internet, E-mail, and Voice Communications

ASAP Rent personnel must exercise good judgment and act in a professional manner when using ASAP Rent resources. This includes ASAP Rent e-mail, Internet access, and access to other external electronic systems using ASAP Rent Software resources.
This expectation also extends to activities on customer systems or with customer-provided access.
All communications relating to ASAP Rent business or using ASAP Rent information technology resources are company property and must conform to ASAP Rent policies for acceptable use of the Internet, e-mail, voice communications, and similar electronic media systems.
Our personnel may not use ASAP Rent or customer information technology resources to take or to damage the intellectual property rights of third parties, including through any Internet peer-to-peer, file-sharing, or other downloading services.

Personal Activities

ASAP Rent personnel are urged not to participate in outside activities that have a negative impact on the performance of their job, conflict with their obligations to ASAP Rent, or otherwise reflect adversely upon ASAP Rent business, image or reputation.
Because we do not want to damage ASAP Rent business, image, or reputation, we conduct our personal activities, which include our personal financial and tax affairs, in the same way that we conduct our business activities with the utmost integrity.

4. Protection of ASAP Rent Assets

ASAP Rent personnel are expected to use the highest level of care to safeguard, protect, and enhance ASAP Rent assets, and to use them only for legitimate business purposes.
ASAP Rent assets include the following:
• real and personal property;
• intangible assets, such as the ASAP Rent brand, intellectual property, and reputation; and
• our employees.

ASAP Rent Name and Brand

ASAP Rent, ASAP Rez and ASAP Lease name and brand identity are powerful and valuable assets that differentiate us from our competitors. Our name and brand identity represent us in the global market, and we reflect that market by having a global attitude. Our words and actions support and advance ASAP Rent, ASAP Lease , ASAP Rez name, brand identity, brand positioning, and our personality as a company. We must treat ASAP Rent name and brand in all activities and transactions in a globally consistent manner. No third party has the right to use our name or brand without our prior written approval, and that approval must be granted in accordance with our naming and branding policies.

Intellectual Property

ASAP Rent personnel are expected to help develop and protect ASAP Rent Cloud Computing Software intellectual property. ASAP Rent endeavors to protect its intellectual property rights to the greatest extent permissible. ASAP Rent seeks appropriate protection of its intellectual property rights in contracts and under copyright and patent laws. All work product created by ASAP Rent personnel in the course of their employment should be the exclusive property of ASAP Rent, and our people are expected to help identify and secure protection for these innovations.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

ASAP Rent personnel have a responsibility to protect ASAP Rent confidential and proprietary information from disclosure and improper use. ASAP Rent confidential and proprietary information includes the information of its parent companies and of its customers.
ASAP Rent personnel must take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, including strictly adhering to ASAP Rent information security policies, communication policies, and agreements governing proper use and disclosure.

ASAP Rent personnel may only disclose confidential and proprietary information if they have proper authority to do so, and even then only to those with a legitimate business need to know it.
Confidential and proprietary information includes any information or material not generally available to the public that is generated, collected or used :
• by ASAP Rent and that relates to ASAP Rent 
  business, research, development activities, customers, or employees, or
• by an ASAP Rent customer and that relates to the customer’s business, 
  research, development activities, its customers, or its people. ASAP Rent personnel must never use confidential ASAP Rent or customer information for their own personal gain or advantage. Certain obligations with respect to ASAP Rent confidential and proprietary information continue to apply even after association with ASAP Rent ends.

Computer Hardware and Electronic Device Protection

ASAP Rent personnel are responsible for keeping their assigned computer equipment and other electronic devices within their control and exercising appropriate safety precautions when their equipment is unattended. Equipment must be protected at all times from theft and use by unauthorized persons. Certain security measures are detailed in ASAP Rent policies, including the User Security Policy, and further information is included in the Client Data Protection pages of the ASAP Rent agreement.

Time and Expense Reporting

ASAP Rent employees are responsible for submitting timely, accurate, and complete time and expense reports in accordance with ASAP Rent policies and applicable country regulations, using the time and expense reporting tools designated for each country.
Because time and expense report forms are the foundation of business documents, such as customer invoices, any knowing misrepresentation on these documents will be considered unethical and will be investigated. Every employee is responsible for the accuracy of his or her own time and expense reports and submitting the required documentation, even if the reports are completed on their behalf by someone else. In certain instances, time and expense reports must also comport with our customers’ policies. If this is the case, it is the consultant’s responsibility to be aware of and to comply with those policies.

Customer Engagements

ASAP Rent personnel must ensure appropriate approval and authorization are obtained when engaging customers or making commitments on behalf of ASAP Rent. The approval process ensures that the :
• appropriate people review proposals to commit the company,
• business engagement is valid,
• goods and services can be provided based upon the required specifications, and contract meets
  legal requirements and is otherwise compliant with our policies

Archives and Records Management

ASAP Rent manages its archives and records to leverage its knowledge capital, maximize its intellectual property, and achieve its business objectives. ASAP Rent will maintain, manage, store, and dispose of its archives and records in compliance with its contractual obligations and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as data privacy laws.

If you have notice that a government investigation, a dispute, or litigation involving ASAP Rent has been threatened or initiated, you must immediately contact your direct supervisor and the ASAP Rent Legal Group. Until you have legal guidance, you should not destroy or delete electronic or paper records related to the subject matter of the investigation, dispute or litigation.

5. ASAP Rent as a Local and Global Citizen

Every ASAP Rent person must understand that ASAP Rent is committed to being a good local and global citizen, as grounded in our core values.

Compliance with Laws

ASAP Rent takes very seriously its responsibility to operate as a good corporate citizen. ASAP Rent and its personnel have a responsibility to comply with all applicable laws. If a local law conflicts with the Code, we follow the law. If a local business practice conflicts with the Code, we follow the Code. When in doubt, ask for help.


ASAP Rent complies with the immigration laws of the locations in which its people are working. Everyone ASAP Rent hires must have current, valid authorization to work in the country of their employment. When working outside their home country, ASAP Rent personnel must obtain all required visas and work permits before they arrive in the host location.

The Environment

ASAP Rent is committed to the protection of the environment and will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations of the countries in which it conducts business.

ASAP Rent may periodically ask any of the above to certify their compliance with the Code or various specific policies.

7. Where to Go for Help

In the event that you have questions about the ASAP Rent Code of Business Ethics, any  policy, or whether past or contemplated conduct may present ethical or legal issues, you may avail yourself of the following resources:
Depending on the circumstances, you may want to discuss the issue with a direct manager, a Human Resources representative, or a member of the ASAP Rent Legal team; you may send questions  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The importance of Ethics and Compliance

All ASAP Rent personnel are responsible for reporting any violations of the Code of Business Ethics. Employees who come forward with concerns play an important role in maintaining our ethical workplace and high performance business, as well as in protecting our customer value.
ASAP Rent will not tolerate retaliation against any employee because that person raised a concern or used the ASAP Rent Business Ethics Line (or any other appropriate channel) to report an ethical or legal issue in good faith.

If you find yourself facing a situation where the decision does not feel "right" and no Code principle or ASAP Rent policy seems to address the situation or you need more guidance or information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Questions about ASAP Rent policies may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .